Delivering Financial Automation that Healthcare Organizations can Count On

Anatomy is on a mission to automate financial operations for healthcare and enable providers to focus on quality patient care.

Financial operations in healthcare are unique. Insurance payments can arrive months after a patient is seen, and bundle together multiple payments and recoupments from that insurance payer. It doesn’t help that 25% of claims in the US come in the mail as a paper explanation of benefits with a physical check and requires manual data entry.

We have felt this pain ourselves, building manual processes and workarounds to get clarity into our revenue and close the books with confidence. With recent advances in financial technology and AI, there is now better way to automate financial workflows for healthcare organizations. Anatomy was founded to work alongside a healthcare organization’s current systems and automate the financial back office by bringing together all claims, banking, and accounting data into one place.

Anatomy is backed by leading investors, including:

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